Happy mail goes through so many trends and fads. There was your pocket letter, the regular flipbook, flip files, and I'm sure many more that I missed. But, I am SO into this "bag flip". It's simple to make, it's so fun for my pen pal to open and it's just so dang cute! 

I've made a number of process videos based on this style of happy mail, so you're welcome to check out my YouTube channel: youtube.com/racheltallman, but if you're more of a reader, here is a step by step tutorial of making your own bag flip. 

Step One: Fold two 12x12 papers in half, overlapping one another and glue. (Don't worry about it being perfect - you won't be able to tell once it's all fancy + decorated.)

Step Two: Fold up the bottoms of each paper to make tiered pockets. 

Step Three (optional): Use a circle punch to make half circles in the middle of each pocket. (This step can be down before step two - doesn't matter.)

Step Four: DECORATE! Be sure to embellish each pocket so it looks just as lovely when you take all of the goodies out! 

And of course, don't forget to fill it with goodies! Tip: use crinkle paper to give the mail more volume! Hashtag #paperventures on Instagram to show me your project. I would absolutely love to see what you create! xo